About Adiore

Who Are We?

First and foremost we are a family business with a great passion for jewelry and design.

Our motto is: Nature, precise scheduling of work, open and oriented to our customer needs, continuing research of design trends and technical innovation.

With our flexible dynamic approach we have advanced over the years, currently positioning ourselves at the frontline of creative jewellery manufacturer world wide.

Our vision for the future is to establish ourselves as a manufacturing brand. Following contemporary innovation of outstanding designs and production methods while maintaining very competitive prices and the highest quality standards.


Our commitment is to our devoted staff, we believe that our employees are the key to any long term success and stable quality and we do our utmost to keep a very high standard of safety in all of our workshops.

Over the years we have created an inclusive and dynamic working environment in our design studio, empowering and enriching our craftsman to excel and grow as skilled individuals. Each of our designs are handcrafted with passion and purpose, and produced to the highest quality standards with loving intricacy and detail.

We invest heavily in our workers training and development, encouraging them to continuously learn and evolve their knowledge as true masters of their trade. We believe that by doing good we can have a measurable impact on the lives of our craftsman, their families and our local community.

We are concerned about clean working conditions, balanced working hours with time off and social programs including a retirement scheme and more.

Furthermore we believe in long term customer relationships, we do our very best to keep our customers happy and satisfied. We treat all our customers and their needs as first priority to fulfill individual requests and enquires.

We are as well real Nature lovers and our green policies are more then just words. We use advanced technology in recycling our waste, collecting and refining of dust and use bio fuels in all our lubrication's and machinery and we constantly striving to keep our factory and workshops in line with new green technology.

We are working with our own team of designers and even though we are influenced by trends and moods, we will never look into other companies work in order to copy their designs and inspirations.

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