Better understanding zodiac birthstones

Better understanding zodiac birthstones

Zodiac birthstones differ from traditional birthstones, and have a lot more to do with astrology than the world of science and math.

Astrology was originally created as a study to help our ancient ancestors better understand and track time, but today astrologist use this field of research to better understand people, personalities, psychology, and why the world operates the way it does.

According to astrologists, for example, the way that your star pattern was aligned when you were first born has a tremendous impact on your personality, the way you see the world, and the kinds of decisions that you make on a day to day basis. While this might sound a little bit “out there” for people that have a much more reality focused outlook on life, it isn’t hard to pay attention to even just a little bit of astrological information and notice some shocking similarities to who you are and who you see yourself as an individual.

Astrology is essentially a calendar for the universe, letting us know when a specific phase in time is currently active, when it is waxing and waning, and when that time has passed and a new universal phase is upon us. There are 12 different zodiac phases and 12 different zodiac signs, each of which have their own meanings, their own impact, and their own role to play in our everyday lives.

For those that believe, celebrating their astrological sign with jewelry that embraces the stars that have come to shape and mold their personality can be very important. The right gemstones (and there are specific gemstones that embrace and embody astrological signs) in the right configuration can allow you to tap into the hidden power that would have otherwise laid dormant inside you.


If you’re ready to unlock and unleash everything that astrology has to offer you as an individual, check out the inside information we offer below on astrological gemstones, gemstone jewelry, and the positive and beneficial impacts these stones may have on you.

Understanding the difference between astrological gemstones and birthstones

While there is some overlap between traditional birthstones (which came into popularity in 1912 and have been pretty popular ever since) and astrological gemstones, for the most part the stones that represent different astrological signs are a little bit different than those that were assigned to specific months of the calendar in a more “willy-nilly” kind of approach.

Many believe that birthstones were nothing more than a marketing ploy designed to try and get move stones that weren’t classified as precious compared to diamonds and other more exotic stones and gems, but zodiac signs have a very clear and distinct link to astrology the cosmos.

In fact, zodiac symbols had been used long before our traditional calendar ever came into play. Zodiac symbols have been in existence since before Exodus, while our modern calendar and our modern “monthly” breakdown is considered to be hundreds of years younger.

If you’re looking for the perfect astrological birthstone today, you’re going to have plenty of different options to pick and choose from. Experts recommend that you choose the stone that “speaks” most to you, as is likely that there’s some sort of connection between you and these materials of the stars were created in the same kind of astrological phase as you were brought into this world.

All the same, there are some “guidelines” that folks do like to follow when they are picking out modern birthstones as well as astrological birthstones. We highlight some of those different guidelines below!

January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Diamond or Clear Quartz

May – Emerald or Chrysoprase

June – Pearl or Moonstone

July – Ruby

August – Peridot or Spectrolite

September – Sapphire or Blue Lapis

October – Opal, Tourmaline

November –Topaz or Citrine

December – Turquoise or Tanzanite


Now let’s highlight some of the different zodiac birthstone options that have become pretty commonplace today!

Aquarius – Garnet

Pisces – Amethyst

Aries – Bloodstone

Taurus – Sapphire

Gemini – Agate

Cancer – Emerald

Leo – Onyx

Virgo – Carnelian

Libra – Chrysolite

Scorpio – Beryl

Sagittarius – Citrine

Capricorn – Ruby


Better understanding the personalities linked to each one of these zodiac signs and gemstones

As we mentioned above, each of the zodiac signs are much more ancient than any of the calendar months, and they have a lot more to do with our stars, our solar system, universe, and our cosmos than anything else.

Many of the zodiac signs celebrate the ancient gods and mythical figures, and all of them are tied to star constellation that we all still have an opportunity to track and see in the sky today. In fact, we’re probably better able to do exactly that than our ancient ancestors were ever able to in the past – though it’s likely that most of us don’t spend anywhere near as much time looking up at the stars and contemplating our existence like our ancient ancestors did.

But as far as astrology goes, different astrological signs (and when you were born with that astrological sign) are believed to have a different impact on who you are as a person and what your personality will inevitably be as you go through life, grow, and make decisions.

Those born under the astrological sign of Aquarius, for example, are considered to be very smart, very charming, very witty, remarkably independent and quick on their feet as well as easily pulled into romantic thoughts and fantasies. At the same time, they can be flighty, they can have difficulty choosing one path to follow and sticking to it, and while they have a sense of humor that is finally developed they can sometimes feel as though they are responsible for making others laugh and can be resentful for it.

Those born under the astrological sign of a Leo, however, manifest different personality traits that will have a big impact on how they navigate their day to day world, the decisions that they make, the relationships and careers that they pursue, and most everything else about their lives as well. Leo’s are seen as very generous and kindhearted, giving almost to a fault, creative and faithful, but can also be arrogant and pompous, aggressive and controlling, as well as dogmatic and intolerant.

As we highlighted above, when you were born during your zodiac sign will also have a tremendous impact on the amount of “personality traits” that you manifest from that particular sign compared to the sign that follows it. Those born at the end of the Age of Taurus, for example will likely manifest more Gemini traits than those that were born in the beginning stages of the Age of Taurus, which may manifest more Aries traits alongside of their core Taurus traits.

This is why some folks like to celebrate their distinct personality traits inherited from all of the zodiac signs that have a major impact on their life by purchasing pieces of jewelry that prominently feature their “main” gemstone surrounded or flanked by the gemstones of the astrological signs that precede and follow their Astrological Age.

This is a fun way to embrace all of the different cosmic waves and factors that play a role in shaping our personalities and our lives, and it’s also a cool way to really highlight the distinct personality traits that you’ve been able to inherit from your cosmic ancestors.


Astrology, numerology, and MORE gemstones

Depending on just how deep down the rabbit hole you really want to go, you can start to mix and match your astrological sign, your birthstones, and the study of numerology (which encompasses a whole host of other stones attached to the day, month, and year that you were born) to come up with custom jewelry pieces that celebrate every aspect of you on a cosmic sense.

We should mention that there’s no “cut and dry” rhyme and reason to the study of numerology, and that different numerological researchers feel that there is no perfect way to come up with your specific numerology before you dive right in. You’ll have to do a little bit of research into numerology yourself, find the pathway to your own numerological number and gemstone that really speaks to you and make sense in the context of who you are and what your personality is, and then you’ll be able to make decisions based off of that information going forward.

Plenty of online resources have tools that can help you with numerology, providing you with insight and information into the most important numbers in your life so that you can better understand exactly what you’re getting into in this department.

Regardless of the numerological path that you take to come to you are number, you’ll only ever be able to represent a number between one and nine – and there are nine different gemstones nine different personality features that celebrate you as a person to pick and choose from. Many of these stones have overlaps with birthstones and zodiac symbols stones, so don’t be surprised if you find your personality to be incredibly strong and incredibly dominant with three same stones across all three different avenues.


Finding the right gemstone jewelry for you

Now that you better understand what it takes to find the right gemstones that represent you and your personality, it’s time to touch on finding the right gemstone jewelry that helps you to celebrate your personality, your birthstones, your zodiac symbol, and your sacred numbers.

Right out of the gate, you’re going to want to understand exactly what kinds of stones you need your gemstone jewelry to be comprised of. That’s going to be relatively simple and straightforward to knock right out of the park using the inside information that we have provided you above.

Once you understand the kinds of gemstones that you are going to be looking, it’s time to start thinking about the kind of jewelry piece that you want these gemstones to be set into.

Are you looking for a very specific and celebratory piece that you can wear only during special occasions (or maybe just on your birthday while celebrating)?

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that is classic, simple, and elegant enough to where on a daily basis regardless of the fashion that you’ve chosen for that day?

Are you looking for an heirloom piece that you can hand down from one generation to another, adding different gemstones as you go along to celebrate each and every one of you throughout the familial line in all of the unique personality traits that each of you have enjoyed?

At the end of the day, the kind of jewelry piece that you are looking for and the types (and quantities) of gemstones that you choose are going to have a huge impact on the kind of jewelry that you decide to invest in moving forward.

From there, you’re going to need to make sure that you are working with a quality jeweler that can bring your dream piece of jewelry to life (either through a semi-custom piece or a completely custom piece) or begin the sometimes arduous process of shopping for a piece that has all of the stones you are hoping to have in one piece online as well as off.

If you’re looking for something really special, something that is completely custom and really celebrates your zodiac sign, your birthstones, and more, you want to consider having a custom commission made from any of the quality professional jewelers around the world with an online footprint. This process can be a lot more simple and straightforward than many people think it’s going to be at first, and it may be the kind of Avenue that you want to go down if you’re serious about picking up an heirloom quality piece of jewelry that will last the test of time.

At the end of day, there are plenty of different things to consider when you’re serious about purchasing or even just looking into birthstone, zodiac gemstone, and numerology stone jewelry pieces. Hopefully you will be able to take advantage of all the inside information we have been able to share above during your search for more details about these brilliant stones!

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Ring Measuring Tips That Really Work

Ring Measuring Tips That Really Work

Are you uncertain about how to determine the right ring size measurement or figure out the size of a ring that you already own? If so, you're definitely not alone. Lot of people use Google to find tips which will help them to measure ring size correctly.

Whether it's a man who wants to find the right engagement ring size for a partner (without her knowing about it!) or a person who wants to measure ring size in a less secretive way, tips from the experts are really helpful. Another scenario is that someone wants to measure the size of an existing ring, with a mind to purchasing another one of the same size.

We have so many tips from the experts to share with you today. Our comprehensive guide will take the guesswork out of determining ring size.

Before we share these tips, let's talk about wedding rings. They are the most meaningful rings around, as they symbolize endless love and commitment. These circular rings have no beginning or end. The circles represent unions which are everlasting. Also, people wear their wedding rings on their left hands due to an ancient belief that the Egyptians held. This belief was that the veins on the fourth fingers run straight to the heart.

Since these rings are bestowed with so much symbolism, they are worn night and day. This is why accessing the right fit is so important.

How Are Rings Sized?

Understanding how rings are sized is very useful. There are ring sizes which are standard and these sizes are measured in millimeters. The measurement in millimeters is based on the circumference of the inner diameter of the ring. As with clothes, ring sizes are standardized in order to make life easier for everyone. However, as with clothes sizes, the standard sizes aren't always perfect. This means that one standard size may be different than another, even though it shouldn't be.

So, standard ring size may vary from jeweler to jeweler.


Another possible complication is that regional variations may come into play. In America and Canada, there is a scale which is numerical, which features quarter and half sizes. In other nations, the scales may be alphabetical. They may utilize whole sizes or come with a group of adjustments for circumference.

As well, there are ring size chart deviations among different jewelers, no matter where the jewelers are located. One industry leader in jewelry (Bijouxx Jewels Chief Executive Officer, David Ryan Pomjie), says that jewelers worldwide choose from one of a couple of separate metrics for sizing. Metric options for these jewelers are:

  1. measuring a starting point for a ring, such as its side edge
  2. measuring the middle of the inner ring.

Another variable to consider is style. Certain rings, such as those which feature diamonds all along their outer circumferences, may not be sized, post-design, as changes to sizing will typically cause gemstones to fall out of their metal settings. This information comes from the creative director/design consultant, Emily Duke, who works for DiamondEnvy.

Visit a Jeweler to Get Sized For a Ring

If you aren't sure how to figure out the right ring size, and you're frustrated, you should know that any local jeweler will be able to size you for a ring. Jewelers keep metal or plastic ring sizers in their shops, along with charts for ring size and a host of other useful tools. A jeweler will utilize a tool known as a mandrel, which is a metallic wand which features size markers, in order to determine ring size. The mandrel is slipped onto the appropriate finger.

When the mandrel stops moving, the mark at which it has stopped (along the length of the finger) indicates the correct ring size. If you go to a local jeweler, you'll find that it's really easy to get an accurate reading on your own ring size. If you want to buy a ring for someone else, bring that person along and get him or her sized. It's also possible to purchase ring "sizers" via the Web and these sizers are not expensive.

To find out the size of a ring that you already own, take it to the jeweler and its staff members will help you out.

Also, you may use ring sizing charts and sizers which are found online. Just print them out and then enjoy their benefits.

How to Get an Accurate Ring Measurement at Home

If you prefer not to buy your own ring sizer (mandrel sets are also available for purchase), you should go for a ring sizer that is printable. Your other options are paper ring sizers and string tests.

With a ring sizer that is printable, you'll get a ring size which is determined by the measurement of the inner diameter of the ring. Ring size will also be based on a ring which is designed to be worn on the left hand's fourth finger (such as an engagement ring).

To get a ring size, print out the chart. You'll need to print it to actual size. To do this, select "Scale 100" from the various printing options that are presented to you. Once the ring size chart is printed, put the ring over its circles.

You should line up the inner edges of your ring to the circle which is the best match on the chart. If you ring seems to fall between a couple of sizes, pick the bigger ring size.

Instructions for Using Printable Paper Strip Ring Sizers

This type of method is a lot like using a tape measure, only it utilizes particular metrics for rings. To begin, print out the paper strip ring sizer, to actual size. Then, cut it out and open its slot, wherever it is marked. Then, slide the tip of your ring sizer through the slot that you just made. Its numbers should face in an outward direction.

Next, put the sizer upon your ring finger. Then, pull it taught in a careful manner in order to get your ring size.

How to Utilize a String Ring Sizer

This method involves using a measurement tool which is flat, along with a simple portion of string. To use this method, print the chart for ring size. Use "Scale 100" to print it to actual size. Then, wrap your portion of string around the ring finger. Cut the piece of string at the area where its end overlaps.

Next, line up the string with the guide for ring size which is found on the chart for ring size. The one which is the closest match will be your ring size. If your ring falls between a couples of sizes, opt for the bigger ring size.

These methods are good, but may not be perfect. We recommend doubling up by using two of them, rather than just one. You'll get more peace of mind and certainty when you use two methods to determine ring size. If you still have doubts and questions, go and visit a jeweler. You may need to pay a few bucks to get sized for a ring, but it won't cost much.

Ring Sizing Tips from Jewelers

Jewelers know all of the tricks of the jewelry trade. These experts have so much experience and knowledge to share. Now, we want to share some of their expert advice with you. First, consider going for a fit that is snug, rather than being on the looser side. A ring should be easy to put on and hard to get off. A snug fit will mean less chance of losing your ring.

Also, you should know that fingers tend to shift in size based on the time of year. For example, during the summer, fingers may swell up a little. During the cold-weather months, fingers may be thinner. This natural expansion and contraction should be taken into account when sizing. Also, you should know that the width of a ring will impact its fit. If a band is wider, it will have a tighter fit. It's smart to size up with wider bands. For example, go up between one quarter and half a size.

Also, if you want the most accurate sizing, you should ensure that your hands aren't really cold. Try to get them at room temperature before you size.

If you get a couple of different ring measurements or notice that a favorite ring fits tighter sometimes and looser at other times, you should go for a bigger ring size. Asking a pro jeweler for advice will also be helpful.

You May Measure Her Ring Size without Her Knowledge

If you want to measure her ring size secretly (probably, because you wish to surprise her with an engagement ring), you should know that there are ways to do it that are very effective. One option is to talk to someone close to her, who might know what her ring size is. A sister, mom or best friend will be a good person to talk to. Choose someone that you know will keep your secret for you.

Also, if she wears a ring frequently which seems to fit perfectly and it's for the same finger that you want to buy her ring for, then you may find that taking that ring into a jeweler (on a day when she chose not to wear it) is a great way to get an accurate measurement. If she rarely takes the ring off, press it into a soap bar in order to create an impression. Take the soap into a jeweler.

If you manage to get your hands on the ring for a few seconds, while she's washing her hands or something like that, slide it onto your finger and make a note of where it stops.

Once you have some information, you should be able to use at-home ring sizing methods to figure out her size. You may always consult with a jeweler.

More People Are Buying Rings Online

Part of the reason why a lot of people want to figure out ring sizes is because they plan to buy rings online. If you want to do this, you'll find that the tips which we've shared today are very sensible. Remember, you may go to a jeweler and get sized, even though you plan to order online. It's easy to do this and getting sized by a pro jeweler costs virtually nothing.

Also, you may use the other ring sizing methods (for at-home ring sizing) in order to figure things out and then order a ring which will fit perfectly. If you notice a ring sizing tool and chart at the jeweler that you're considering buying the ring from online, we suggest using that ring sizer tool and chart. The sizing tool and chart have been put together by the same people you'll be buying from.

Buying rings online is often a cost-effective decision. Also, it gives consumers access to a rainbow-riot of choices, from simple and classic engagement rings to rings with fancy gemstones, such as canary diamonds, to rugged men's fashion rings and beyond. Out in cyberspace, there are scads of gorgeous rings in a host of styles, at different price points. It's very difficult to access the same level of selection in most communities.

Some of the biggest online jewelers provide exceptional deals on rings. Blue Nile is the biggest online jeweler in the world. Paul Allen is also very popular. There are thousands of these retailers. We've mentioned a couple of big players because a lot of people who shop online do buy rings from them.

Now that you have the inside scoop on ring measuring tips that really work, you'll be ready to move forward and size yourself (or size her for a new ring!) or get help from a jeweler in your own community.

Once you know your ring size (or hers), make a note of it. You may need this important information again at some point in the future.

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